About The Sokolsky Plan

My goal is to offer the best possible private weight-loss coaching for my clients. I want to help you lose weight healthfully and permanently without using drugs, surgery, or diet pills.  I want you to easily lose weight, while having clear and predictable results, and without ever feeling hungry.  My sessions are all done one-on-one in the privacy of my office, which is located in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco (although sessions can also be done over the phone, and using Skype).  As part of my coaching, I teach the plan that has been successful for my clients and me, and I teach you how to adapt The Sokolsky Plan to your unique lifestyle.  I invite you to call me now to arrange a private thirty-minute complimentary consultation and I will answer all your questions.

The information I present is honest, straightforward and realistic. My plan avoids quick fixes (they never last) and avoids gimmicks (they are doomed to fail).

My plan teaches you the important basics of weight loss: what foods best support weight loss, when are the best times to eat, why you can lose weight at a predictable pace, and how to set up your home for success.

Just as important, my plan places an emphasis on crucial issues often neglected in other weight-loss plans: the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of overeating. My plan shows you how to deal effectively with these challenges.

My plan is unique in its approach and different from other weight-loss plans in a variety of ways. I created the plan and I know it works! I pride myself on not being one of those who thinks that losing weight is as easy as just “putting your fork down.” I know the challenges involved in losing weight.

On The Sokolsky Plan you will:

  • Get clear on your motivators and your goals.
  • Learn how to address the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual challenges that sometimes get in the way of accomplishing your goals.
  • Learn the specifics of the plan and how best to apply them to your unique lifestyle.
  • Be shown how to “design the perfect day” to use as a model for your success.
  • Learn how what you say to yourself and how you say it are crucial to your success.
  • Discuss the challenges and setbacks that are an inevitable part of losing weight.
  • Learn how to face your challenges and use them to your advantage.
  • Learn how to limit your setbacks by understanding and accepting them, and by making them as short-term as possible.
  • Develop new habits that will allow you to get back on track quickly.
  • Begin to consider the nature of addiction and how it may apply to you.
  • Learn about the multiple benefits of an easy-to-do exercise that most anyone can do.
  • Gain an understanding of calories, so that you’ll know approximately how quickly you will lose the weight you want to lose.
  • Learn what kinds of food will best support your goals.
  • Learn how to set up your home to make the plan as easy as possible to carry out.
  • Learn how to use the scale to support you.
  • Learn how best to deal with your clothes as you lose weight.
  • Learn how to develop a support system to help guide your success.

Remember, I created this plan for us and I know it works!


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