A Personal Message

Thank you for joining me in our goal to lose weight and keep it off permanently. I appreciate the opportunity to support you in reaching your weight-loss goals. I know it’s not easy to decide to lose weight (most of us have tried before) and then to take the steps necessary to do so. I never understood those people who say, “it’s easy to lose weight, it’s just hard to keep it off.”

Until I developed my plan, I thought it was hard to do both! I still acknowledge it’s sometimes challenging, but with THE SOKOLSKY PLAN I’ve tried to make losing weight as easy as possible. I know we face challenges and I know we’ll have setbacks from time to time. Therefore, I include dealing with challenges as part of my plan and accept setbacks as a natural part of losing weight. Our goal is to develop the habits and skills that will allow us to “get back on track” as quickly and easily as possible when we’re faced with challenging times.

One of the benefits I believe I bring to you is I am “in the trenches” with you in what sometimes seems like a daily struggle. With the knowledge I’ve gained, I believe that I can make your weight-loss journey as easy as possible and sometimes even enjoyable. Believe me, even though I told myself that if I followed my plan I would lose all the weight I set out to lose, there was a small part of me that never thought I’d get there. Wow! I sometimes can’t believe that I did it, but if I can, you can. I ask that you give me a chance to share my knowledge and insights with you.

I can tell you, it’s great to feel ten years younger than I did just a short time ago. It’s great to have people who haven’t seen me in a year not recognize me. It’s great to feel more attractive and have others more attracted to me. It’s great to have people say, “How did you do it?” and “I thought people couldn’t lose more than a hundred pounds without surgery.” It gets even better when I tell them that I did so without feeling hungry, without drugs or diet pills, and with no more strenuous an exercise than walking! Then I tell them that I started losing most of the weight just before turning fifty years “young.” What a nice gift to myself!

I hope you’ll give me the chance to assist you in reaching your weight-loss goals. Together, we can do it!


Dr. Andrew Sokolsky